Hearing Aid & Transcribe Voice — Amplifier for the hearing impaired

Dear users, I’m glad to present to you the best hearing aid & speech recognition app in the store for the hearing impaired, deaf, hearing loss, people. However, it’s not limited to these people only, if you see a use case for your needs feel free to try.

Use your smartphone and latest technologies for maximum sound amplification. Increase the volume and improve the sounds around you. Our application helps you to restore and improve your sound perception to the natural level.

No registration and no advertisements.

Trust the smartphone with the care for your hearing. We recommend that you use a hands-free set.
Intended to be used with any type of hands-free sets (supports Bluetooth sets and AirPods). In the nearest future we are planning built-in adaptation course and hearing test.

Thousands of people have chosen HEARING AMPLIFIER – HEARING AID to solve their hearing problems. The application was created by hearing aids development engineers.

This app turns your iPhone into an hearing aid, you can now watch TV without disturbing others. You only need your iphone and headphones.

It is good alternative to hearing aids:
– If the battery of a standalone hearing aid is flat;
– If you have forgotten to wear a standalone hearing aid;
– If your standalone hearing aid needs to be fixed or cleaned.

– expense are the same as a yearly cost of batteries for a standalone hearing aid;
– you save your time and money on audiologist visit as the built-in audiological test and full automatization of the application will adjust within 2 minutes;
– amplification formula for quiet sounds in case of tinnitus.

1. Hearing Aid
– Boost the sound of your headset;
– Increase hearing up to x10 times;
– Adaptation to different types of environment;
– Background mode operation;

2. Noise suppression
– Masking Tinnitus;
– Intelligent noise adaptation;
– Advanced Noise Reduction
– Regulated noise suppression – eliminates background noise, increases speech intelligibility;
– Amplification formula for quiet sounds in case of tinnitus;

3. Voice to Text
– Instant, real-time speech to text, no internet connection required;
– Full-screen mode;
– Personalize settings: font size, weight, alignment, shake to clear text, etc;
– Support more than 63 languages, dialects, accents;

4. Several Color Themes
– Change design of the app that will more like to you: Purple, Orange, Red, Blue, Green;
– Change app icon;
– Dark mode support as well.

The HEARING AMPLIFIER – HEARING AID® app is not approved as a medical device or software and cannot be used as a hearing aid with doctor’s prescription. Audiometric test provided in the application can be used only for app adjustment. Testing results are not a substitute for professional audiology tests

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– Artem Sherbachuk



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