Heron Data — Better transaction data for fintechs serving SMBs

Dom, Johannes, and I are the Founders of Heron Data – an API that normalises, categorises, and enriches bank and card transactions. We want to make it ridiculously easy for Fintechs who host accounts, issue cards, or pull data from Plaid / Yodlee / etc. to extract insights and build features on transaction data.

We came across this problem when building our first Fintech. We spent tons of time writing regexes, populating a merchant database, building NLP, NER, and deep learning models for categorisation, etc. It turned out all other Fintechs did too. So many companies wanted to use our internal tooling that we decided to focus on this problem full time and now enrich over 1m transactions each day.

We hear time and time again that transaction APIs are focused on consumer use cases and so wanted to share our SMB-focused offering with the PH community today.

Some use cases are showcased above but we know that lots more can be done with transaction data when it’s clean and normalised. Looking forward to see what Product Hunt will build on top of Heron. If you have any questions, use cases in your company, or want to test us out please comment or email – we’re happy to chat.

– Jamie Parker



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