Hey.Cafe — Fast and lightweight social network for communities

Not only is this service ad free, but it’s fast and contains no analytics tracking at all.

The entire app and site is built on a single JavaScript block that includes no third party code, no linked dependencies, and no remote loaded resources including CSS. The entire app can be viewed via inspect element. Server side is custom and we use NodeHost servers for the backend API.

Yes you can upload images, files, edit posts and more!

Anyone can create a café (community) using 500 beans, and the admin can manage users and make the café private, public, control who can view posts and what type of members can react or comment. This gives you control over your own café and the content shared. You can make other members moderators or admins and they can manage and hide posts in a café by clicking the triple dots to moderate a conversation or comment.

I hope you would join and give feedback as this was mostly built in the last 2 weeks. Lot’s of updates are already getting planned and we will be updating the app constantly.

You can also use on iOS and Android as a PWA app with great performance, just tap share and Add To Home Screen.

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you give us some feedback.

– Anthony Lee



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