heylogin — Password-free login to all your web accounts

Hey, I’m Dominik, CEO of heylogin.
After many years in IT security, my Co-Founder Vincent and I realized we were tired of passwords. Even a master password was out of the question. We wanted to create a solution that was easy to use and put the users and their privacy first.

After several smaller projects, we finally came up with the idea of how cool it would be if you could just swipe on your phone instead of entering a password.

Heylogin replaces all passwords with 2-factor security using your smartphone. PIN, face unlock and fingerprint work as confirmation. Our user-friendly interface is reduced to the basics and is optimized to require only a minimum number of clicks. For hosting, we use German GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified servers and encrypt the communication between app and server end-to-end. So no one, not even us, can access your data.

For private users, heylogin is free of charge.

Companies can add a powerful tool for their password-intesive work environment with our priced Teams feature (including a 1 month trial). Thanks to our sharing functionality, logins can easily be used by multiple employees in a company, with access rights that can be set for each member.

We have a lot more to offer, but better try it out for yourself and feel the freedom of a life without passwords. Feel free to give us feedback in the comments or directly to

– Dominik Schürmann



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