HODL112 — Platform for hodlers to minimize risk and loss

Hey Product Hunter community 👋,

I’m super excited to share HODL112 with you all. HODL112 is the ultimate
platform for hodlers to minimize risk and loss. HODL112 enables users to convert
all their cryptocurrency hodlings and close their orders with just one click.

This is the platform that I built for myself and my friends now I’m opening it
to the community.

⁉️ The Problem?
Crypto market is so volatile and it has sudden up and downs. Hence it’s very
hard to react in time if you hodl a lot of crypto currencies and got a lot of
open orders. Also it’s worth to mention that tons of trading bots out there
make our work harder.

🌟 Solution
HODL112 solves this by allowing you to convert all of your assets and close your
orders with just one click. In the meantime it enables to you exclude the coins
you want to hodl long term. Also you can track your portfolio in details.

You can get started in seconds, with your debit/credit cards, or transfer
directly from your bank accounts.

How to start?
– Signup to HODL112
– Add your API Keys and connect your exchange account
And now you’re safer for the next crypto turbulence.

Join the Reddit community to chat with top traders and hodlers:

I would love to hear your feedbacks.

Look forward to you save your precious crypto assets and grow your wealth in the
long run!

– Arnold Wolfstein



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