HOLi — Working hours, water balance reminder app

Hey Hunters,
I am Sebastian Stark, the developer of HOLi. Working from home was always challenging for me. I worked without tracking my working hours and it only felt like it was more than I should work. Another problem was the missing structure that I had to think of every day. I had to remind me every day of everything. Especially drinking enough was a problem. Often, when I was in my working flow, I drank nothing and realized after a couple of hours that I didn’t eat, didn’t moved and didn’t drink anything. At this point I couldn’t really work anymore. That’s why I created HOLi. It should help with a couple small life helper to improve working at home and should be very easy to use. The goal was an app that only needs a few setups and customizations and then just works with one or two clicks.

Feel free to ask me if you have questions.

– Stark Coding



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