How could I check If a zip file is corrupted in NodeJS?

I would check if a ZIP file is corrupted using NodeJS using less CPU and memory as possible.

How to corrupt a ZIP file:

  1. Download a ZIP file
  2. Open the ZIP file using a text editor optimized like Notepad++
  3. Rewrite the header. Only put random characters.

I am trying to reach this goal using the NPM library “node-stream-zip”

  private async assertZipFileIntegrity(path: string) {
    try {
      const zip = new StreamZip.async({ file: path });
      const stm = await;
      stm.on('end', () => zip.close());
    } catch (error) {
      throw new Error();

However, when I run the unit tests I receive an error inside an array:

Rejected to value: [Error]


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