How to add a new column with the correct order in awk taking into account that the same position may be repeated

I am trying to generate a new column with the new ranking position for a series of millionaires. The problem is that many of them have the same amount of money and when I generate a list with the order as follows: NR>1{$0=$0", "NR-1} 1, it doesn’t take me into account if there are more than one or two millionaires with the same amount of money.

What I want to do would be for example to order something like this:

Bill Gate;Microsoft;76
Manolo Chocolatero;Churrerias;2
Eduardo Mendoza;ED S.A;3
Juan Palotes;Circos S.A;2


Bill Gate;Microsoft;76;1
Manolo Chocolatero;Churrerias;3;2
Eduardo Mendoza;ED S.A;2;3
Juan Palotes;Circos S.A;2;3

Any idea how to do this with awk?


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