How to execute a bash command in an already open terminal tab?

I have a master tab, (running a menu driven program containing several options) which spawns several other tabs based on which option I select in the menu.

Option 1 : <Executes command_1 in tab_1>
Option 2 : <Executes command_2 in tab_2>
Option n : <Executes command_n in tab_n>

I use the following command to open a new tab and shift focus to it.

gnome-terminal --tab --active --title "tab_n" --command "command_n" 1>/dev/null

Now the requirement is such that I can run Option n multiple times.

Whenever Option n is is chosen after the first time, i want to automatically shift focus to the already open tab_n and execute command_n there (instead of spawning another new tab for the same option).
Is there any way this can be done ?


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