How to Fix ‘Storage Almost Full’ Issue on iPhones

If you’re facing a storage issue on your Apple iPhone, that doesn’t mean you need to rush to uninstall unwanted applications, clear up images, screenshots, music, videos and downloads. Although these are ways to make space on your phone, there are a few other ways too that don’t involve deleting your precious files. Spending a few minutes implementing the below can help you win save some space.

You can begin your storage decluttering by visiting the ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Storage’. The graph on the top shows the space left on your phone.

One significant memory issue can be iPhone’s mysterious ‘Other’ storage section. It is system data storage, where all system files and Siri voices get stored. The cache can pile up and eat away the space on your phone.

Optimize Safari

Start by clearing the cache of your Safari browser. To remove the cache of Safari, the user can open ‘Settings’, tap on Safari and scroll down to see the website data. Click ‘Clear history’ on the tab. You can close the unwanted open tabs on Safari and clear the offline reading list as well.

Clear old messages

The user can also choose to delete the messages. Under settings, tap messages and scroll down to see the message history. The phone allows you to keep the messages from a time period (30 days/1 year/Forever) and set the remaining for auto-delete.

Clear preinstalled apps’ data

Another way to make space is to clear the preinstalled app data. Check for the preinstalled apps that you do not use. Although the old iOS prevented users from deleting them, the new iOS allows deleting such apps’ data from preloaded apps. You may also need to check for the apps that take up the most space and uninstall the unused ones.

Clear spaces associated with photo and camera

The Photo Stream feature allows the user to keep the photos in sync between multiple devices. It is a helpful feature, but you can think of disabling syncing when battling terrible space issues. To disable Photo Stream, visit Settings > Photos & Camera > Turn off My Photo Stream.

Another photo feature that takes up space is HDR pictures. Unless you need HDR photos, Standard definitions are sufficient. To ensure to keep only SD photos on your iPhone, visit ‘Settings’ > Photos & Camera > turn off the Keep Normal Photo option.

The burst mode feature saves numerous identical images, which you may not need. Deleting them can create space. To make it a little easier, you can also choose to switch off the burst mode on the phone.

Above all, using the iCloud Photo Library to store pictures will free up some prominent storage space on your phone. You can go to ‘Settings’ > Photos and Camera > Turn on ‘iCloud Photo Library’.



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