How to use Firebase Auth to display custom content to the logged in user of an Android app?

I am developing a simple file uploader project for Android. It relies on:

  • A web hosting server with some PHP scripts to handle uploads and deletions.
  • The app, from which the user can upload files.

I don’t want every user of the app can access every user’s uploaded files; so I want to add an auth service (Firebase Auth in this case) to, once a user sucessfully logs in (preferably with Google), the correct files are displayed on his phone.

As a COMPLETE NEWBIE at anything web-related, my theory is that I should do something like that in order to achieve what I want:

Authenticate the user, get their UID (even though it’s not recommended) and perform a POST HttpRequest with that UID. This would involve having an SQL database in my server which stores the UIDs.

However, I can’t find information to confirm whether my approach is good or not: I am investing a lot of time in this app and I don’t want to build a faulty piece of software. Could you please shed some light on the topic? Thank you!


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