Huawei Banking on 5G Revenues from India

Huawei, a Chinese multinational telecom equipment gear maker, is optimistic about its India plans. The company believes that it can have a key role in the development of 5G in India. It is worth noting that the Indian government had asked the telcos not to include any Chinese company in their 5G trials. Despite that, Huawei is banking on 5G revenues from India. Huawei is continuously working and communicating with the government. The company has highlighted its clean track record for the past two decades that it has been a part of the Indian ecosystem.

David Li, Huawei India CEO, said that long-term commitment for the company isn’t just a few words. Li said that Huawei had built a legacy of working in India for over 20 years with a very clean track record.

India-China Tensions Made Things Tough for Huawei

The increasing differences and tension between India and China have put Chinese companies doing business in India in a tough spot. Huawei has helped the telecom operators in India set their legacy networks up till 4G. Thus, it will be a big miss for the company if it can’t help Indian operators with 5G too.

As per the publication’s report, Huawei has received login credentials from the Indian government for accessing the trusted telecom products portal. Huawei CEO iterated that every employee in the company is trained thoroughly to ensure that compliance with the rules of the government is a must. Further, Huawei conducts internal and external audits at regular intervals to ensure that its process and way of working is completely compliant and fair.

Huawei CEO said that the company would stick to its guns which is leading the research and development (R&D) segment in addition to delivering faster networks at the right cost to the companies. It is true that Huawei provides telecom gear at an affordable price to the telcos. Only time will tell if Huawei’s optimism is actually something.


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