I made this personal blogging platform – The Chaotic


I myself is trying to build a community where I can interact with people who have same interests that of mine. Apart from a discord server (The Youth) it appeared to me that blogging can be a great medium to interact with the people around with same interests and that’s were the idea came from.

Technology Used

As a developer I myself like using MERN stack for my Projects. Apart from MERN I have used Redux for the APP wide state management.

The project contains Backend folder with a NodeJS backend. Frontend folder contains a React APP. Along with this I have made a Template folder which contains website design using HTML and CSS.

The Chaotic


  • πŸ’» Client Side Rendering with ReactJS
  • 🌐 Popular Blogs
  • 🌱 Like and Comments
  • πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ Advanced Admin Panel
  • πŸ₯½ Category Creation
  • πŸ‘¨ Author Creation
  • πŸ“° Newsletters
  • 🧣 Tags

The Chaotic


The Chaotic is a Personal Blog Website πŸ’» made using MERN Stack. The theme of the website is set to aesthetic as well as inspiring🌱. To be more precise, the website is set to target Youth Audience as a whole. 🧲

Running the Project

  • Clone the Repo git clone
  • Configure .env file as sample.env for project to run properly.
  • cd into Backend and run npm install
  • Run npm run server
  • cd into Frontent and run npm install
  • Run npm run start

The Chaotic

Suggestions and Feedbacks Welcome!

The Chaotic is at its initial stages at the the moment and need lots of advancements. I would highly appreciate any feedback, suggestions and questions you would like to provide. What features would you like to see? What seems unnecessary or what’s causing difficulties?

Thank you for your time and I await to see your suggestions soon. Until then, have a nice day!

For any Collaboration projects do reach me through Discord Server here


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