Indians Will Consume Much More Data With 5G

Indians will consume much more data when the 5G networks come to the country. There are a lot of people who are still not on 4G networks, and that is not because of a singular reason, but multiple ones. As per an Opensignal report, countries that have live 5G networks have seen a rise in data consumption from the 5G users. According to the data shared by Opensignal, 5G users are consuming up to 2.7 times more data as compared to 4G. However, in a network congested market like India, where the data consumption is already very high, naturally, one would believe that the 5G experience would not be so great as in other countries. But that might not be true.

5G Networks in India Might Not be as Congested as 4G Networks

According to the data collected by Opensignal, 5G users in the top 20 leading markets are enjoying higher download speeds and consuming more data than 4G users without any network congestion issues. Historically, whenever there’s high data consumption/demand, networks see some level of congestion. But that hasn’t been noticed by Opensignal until now.

In India, too, users would hope that the same thing happens. Most of the Indians, especially in urban cities, are connected to highly congested networks. This is because of the cheap 4G data that is available for everyone. With 5G, too, the operators will have to be very careful with the pricing to ensure that premium services can be delivered.

But 5G networks will naturally have a higher capacity which will help to a large extent to escape network congestion scenarios. Further, with 5G plans, operators can take a different route and price them in the ‘premium’ zone while improving 4G networks. This is so that people who can pay more for premium service will opt for 5G plans, and people who want to keep consuming normal high-speed data services can opt for 4G plans.


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