Internet Access from P2S clients

What I have:

  • Azure Virtual Network Gateway used to allow P2S VPN Clients to Azure.
  • 15 Remote Windows 10 clients using Azure VPN client to connect to Azure by establishing P2S VPN.
  • Azure VNet hosting Azure Resources
  • Partner Datacenter that restrict access by IP address

I need:

  • Use a Azure static Public IP for all P2S clients to connect to the partner DataCenter.
  • I forced Tunneling by publshing in azurevpnprofile to all P2S clients , but they can’t connect to Internet trough VPN Gateway.


  • If i add a NVA in Azure VNet , it’s possible to steer Internet Traffic from P2S clients via NVA? or i have to depoly another Azure component ?
  • I tried to use UDR but they can be linked only to VNet subnets and not P2S pool.

Thank for you advise!


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