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👋 Hey there Hunters!

It’s no secret that your network is one of the best assets in business.

🚀 We built Intrro because there’s a palpable tension between the pain caused by the talent shortage and the expense of interviewing the wrong people. Companies don’t know which candidates are strong, nor do candidates know which companies are a good fit for them. Companies ignore applicants and pay recruiters without domain expertise spam the market.

Intrro is productizing the ability to learn who are the top performers in your company’s network—so you can hire more from recommendations. By using data science to surface the relevant talent to open positions, hiring teams get warm intro’s into great talent.

In a world where mission, values and culture are becoming more important, your co-workers are the perfect vehicle to identify, verify and attract top talent at scale.

Intrro also enables recruiters to browse their employee’s contacts against open positions, and proactively ask for an intro, allowing them to spend more time speaking to receptive candidates and less time chasing leads, whilst giving hiring managers access to a broader, verified and more diverse pool of talent.

We focus on referrals on collaborative hiring today, but soon we’ll go into intrro’s for the purposes of building a company networking system, and beyond!

We offer a free trial to get going!

Please share your feedback, questions or comments!

– Neel Jamie Shah



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