iPhone 13 Is 3x Better Than Fastest Android

The iPhone 13 models were just launched with the most powerful Apple chipset, the Apple A15 Bionic within it. As it uses the most efficient processor, it should be super fast, especially when pitted against Android flagships. As per a screenshot that is making rounds on Twitter by DHH, the iPhone 13 equipped with A15 Bionic is touted to be 3x better than the fastest Android device. Notably, this was observed while browsing the internet and rendering JavaScript.

iPhone 13 vs Galaxy S21 Speed Test

In the Speedtest 2.0 that can be run through a web browser, it was shown that the iPhone 13 scores a whopping 238 points. In comparison, the fastest Android smartphone, the Galaxy S21 that is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor scores a meagre 84 points. To add to this, the Samsung Galaxy S21 in India uses the Exynos processor, which is not on par with the Snapdragon variant. Nevertheless, the Indian variant might achieve a much lower score.

Furthermore, the benchmark also highlighted how fast the iPhone 13 can be as compared to the Galaxy S21. Going by the same, it highlights the lead that Apple has over Android makers, especially in terms of performance. With each passing year, Apple launches improved Apple Bionic processors that have an upper edge over rivals from Qualcomm and other chipmakers.

This problem has become more acute now for the smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S21 as there is a chip shortage, which has hampered the development of next-generation chipsets. We have come across reports that Apple is also facing issues due to the problems in the chip industry.

Given that the Apple A15 Bionic is not a generational leap as compared to the A14 Bionic launched last year, the improvements in speed are modest for a competition against Apple. As the iPhones are already ahead of the Android phones’ performance, this doesn’t matter much. To conclude, the iPhone 13 with the A15 Bionic makes the device 3x or close to 200% faster than the Galaxy S21 despite the processor not being a complete revamp.


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