Is there a NodeJS equivalent to Powershell’s WebSession for multiple http requests

Is there a Node.js equivalent to using Powershell’s Invoke-WebRequest with WebSession parameters to persist state over multiple calls?

I am writing a Node application that makes multiple http calls to authenticate to a site and then download a file. The site is using ASP.NET session cookies in a way that I can’t decipher how to make properly-authenticated calls by manually managing cookies on my requests. I’m currently using node-fetch to make requests, but am not tied to a particular package.

I have a working mockup in Powershell, using Invoke-WebRequest and its WebSession parameter:

$loginURI = "$($baseURI)/Account/Login"
$response = Invoke-WebRequest -URI $loginuri -Method Get -SessionVariable session
$requestBody = @{
    'Email' = "$($username)"
    'Password' = "$($password)"
$loginResponse = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $loginURI -Method Post -Body $requestBody -WebSession $session 

$downloadResult = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $downloadBase -Method Get -WebSession $session -OutFile $outputFilePath

(assuming the URIs and credentials are defined)

Is there a Node equivalent to managing session in this way?


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