Job Prepper — Interview simulator for new front end developers

Hi Everyone,

We are Nick and Sigmund, and we are the brains behind If you’ve ever drawn a blank or gotten tongue-tied in an interview, then we have to tell you that we know how it feels. Time and time again, we have struggled to see positive results from interviews that maybe even “seemed” to go well or that we “felt” prepared for. If we could get our nerves in check, say, through person-to-person interview practice, we would be far more successful at interviews. That’s why we created JobPrepper! We tailor a list of questions to your job specifications, and you practice answering the questions, which are being read out-loud to you. By then listening to your own recorded answers, you can gauge your level of preparedness and comfort ahead of the interview.

We are so excited to get this out, and hopefully it will help those face the same problems we do. We have a free subscription for now, but we may introduce a paid subscription once we create a suite with more features.

Nicholas & Sigmund

– Nicholas Chow



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