Kaleidoscope 3 — Spot the differences, merge in seconds

Great to see this product updated after so long! But — have to admit the sticker shock is pretty high.

Major Changes

  • Redesigned interface and new app icon; Kaleidoscope’s design now fits macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey.
  • Gorgeous new dark appearance
  • Runs natively on all Macs, including those based on Apple silicon (Apple M1 chip).


  • Reader view makes it easier to focus on the content
  • Greater control over how text is laid out: better font options, choose your preferred tab width, line height, hide all invisibles, and turn off line numbers if you don’t need them.
  • Ability to ignore particular folders and files during folder compare, using powerful patterns
  • Persistent top toolbar with convenient Add and Paste buttons
  • Git changesets now recognize moved files
  • Convenient filtering of items in changeset windows
  • Powerful integration with Alfred


  • Redesigned Unified text comparison and File Shelf views to make it easier to review differences and keep track of files being compared
  • Binary plists are now supported (including webloc files)
  • Switch between absolute and relative image rendering directly from the menu
  • Progress feedback when adding a second folder to the folder scope
  • Proper sorting of items in the sidebar in changeset windows
  • Option to turn off wrapping around when jumping through changes/conflicts


Way too many bugs have been fixed to note individually

– Chris Messina



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