Kitab — Organize and sync your bookmarks across multiple browsers

Hi Hackers 🙏, I am super excited to launch on ProductHunt for the very first time 🥳.

I have a habit of bookmarking things that I find in the internet. Sometimes they are apps, GitHub packages, services or some articles.

For the longest period I used the browser’s (Chrome) default bookmarks manager which is nicely integrated and works seamlessly. Then my habits began to change. I started using multiple browsers to manage different profiles (I did not like using browser’s default profiles on Mac, switching between them is not nice). This caused my bookmarks to be out of sync between these browsers and switching to Chrome just to get the bookmark that I wanted was getting tedious.

I could not find an extension or bookmarks manager that fit the use-cases that I had. It had to be accessible right from the browser (because I do not like switching the window) and should sync across any browser. So, like any developer, I built it myself 😂.

It is serving my needs quite well and I thought that I should share it with the world as well. If you have similar use-cases like me, check out Kitab. It is provided as an extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox or any Chromium-browser.

If you have any questions about Kitab, feel free to ask me.

– Sharad Chand



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