Lead Tracking for Calendly by Salespanel — Know the who, why, and how of people who book meetings

Hello ProductHunt, Nilangan here from Salespanel.

We are noticing a common problem where businesses are struggling to keep track of prospects who book a meeting through Calendly and connect it to the rest of the sales and marketing workflow. Many businesses are clueless about how a lead found them and what made them schedule a meeting. You could always ask questions but the more questions you ask on your forms, the fewer conversions you would get.

Not only that, once meetings conclude, reps rely on direct conversations to know if a lead signed up, took any action, or reached the next milestone in the buying process.

Salespanel was already solving this problem for forms, live chat, and email marketing products and we are now excited to launch our product for websites that use Calendly.

Salespanel will automatically capture leads when they book meetings from your website, track them in real-time while providing you crucial referrer and campaign data. You can segment and qualify these leads, attribute your marketing campaigns to revenue and also facilitate several data sync and marketing automation workflows using the product.

You can watch the demo from @pkuhad here:…

Salespanel has a free B2B website tracking plan. For the launch of our Calendly integration on Product Hunt, we are providing 1 month of free trial and a flat 30% discount on the annual subscription of paid plans for the ProductHunt community. Just drop a note to us on the support chat or write to us at A coupon code is not needed.

Please leave your feedback in the comments. We are excited to hear from you!

– Nilangan Ray



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