Logtail — Query your logs like you query your database

Hey hunters 👋

Logtail lets you query your logs like you query your database: using SQL.

Here’s a secret! 🤫

Most logging tools out there use the ELK stack under the hood for storing your logs. This is surprisingly inefficient.

Logtail is based on ClickHouse, making it much faster and cost-effective. We pass these savings on to you.

The other log management tools charge you $2-$4 per GB/month. Logtail starts at $0.25 per GB/month.

Crazy right? There’s more.

We automatically parse your logs and store them in a table with schema. Think Excel spreadsheet instead of a Word document.

There’s built-in Grafana with pre-generated dashboards, and you can always add your own charts.

Collaborate with your colleagues on resolving incidents, Google Docs-style.

Share direct links, comment on logs, and archive important events forever.

Your data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest.

Alerts. Long-term archiving. 30+ integrations. Unbeatable price.

There’s no good reason to use a terrible logging tool in 2021.



The idea for a radically better log management tool was on my todo list since I tried to install Graylog for the first time in 2011. It felt like I was missing a university degree in (log) management.

Since then I tried using ELK, Papertrail, Cloudwatch, Logentries, Coralogix, LogDNA, Timber, and a number of other log management tools looking for ‘the one’ but there was always something missing: either the interface was from 2000, the integration was difficult, or the pricing was crazy.

In early 2021 we got together with a few friends and built the tool we wanted to use for our own apps. Give it a shot and let us know your thoughts! 🙏


– Juraj Masár



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