Mate Translate iOS Safari Extension — Browse the web as if all sites were in your language

Hey all,

We couldn’t curb our excitement when Apple announced iOS 15 would support desktop-grade Safari extensions. It ultimately meant that we could finally bring Mate’s most-popular feature to iPhones and iPads, too. Our users make over 1 million translations via double-clicking daily in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari on desktop devices. iOS had been lagging behind, but not anymore!

Mate vs Apple’s built-in Translate in 3 bullet points:
• Fully-automatic full-page translation. Browse the internet without even noticing that there are different languages, without a single tap.
• 42 languages with better quality vs Apple’s 11.
• Highlight to Translate. One-tap translations for words and sentences on web pages. Great use case is when you have some command of the language, yet need to look up some words from time to time.

Excited to hear your feedback & more iOS 15 extensions over here!

– Alex Chernikov



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