Metaverse Could Soon be a Reality as CES Witnesses New Innovations

The Consumer Electronics Show happening in Las Vegas has witnessed the beginning of something remarkable. The metaverse now has a more realistic edge as a jacket equipped with sensors that allow users to feel punches and even hugs in virtual reality, was introduced as the latest innovation. Founder of the Spain based start-up Owo, Jose Fuertes talked about the metaverse being just avatars if users can’t feel anything. Owo is the company that has built the said jacket.

The New Technology

One of the most eye-catching themes of the premiere electronics show of the world was ‘metaverse’ which can be defined as a parallel universe where human, augmented and virtual realities meet. Multiple start-ups exhibited their innovations that included headsets, computers and other gears that will ensure enhancement in time spent in virtual reality. The jacket introduced by Owo has the capacity to make users feel the gunshots, the wind, someone grabbing their arm and even a hug from a loved one allowing for an immersive experience on either video games or metaverse.

According to a report from AFP, the tight-fitting jacket features a band that holds on to the skin and has sensors that operate in synchronization with the mobile application, allowing users to choose the intensity of the sensation before going into virtual reality. Fuertes described the goal of the start-up as “to turn the virtual into reality with a second skin.” The wearable from Owo will be priced below $450 and is expected to hit the market in the latter half of 2022.

State of the Virtual Reality

As far as virtual reality is considered, the technology is currently used in video games for the majority of its part. However, the potential of virtual reality could include many things such as having the experience of the museum or landmarks in the distant cities all while sitting at home or even getting a full theatre experience of a feature film from the comforts of the home. The companies including Meta and HTC have been heavily investing the virtual reality headsets but haven’t been able to come up with a solution where the gears can be equipped for a longer period of time.

However, according to the Touchcast chief and founder Edo Segal, nothing can stop the metaverse but it might be a while before metaverse becomes real. There have been reports by industry trackers, however, which suggest that the sale of virtual reality gears have gone up significantly ever since the pandemic hit as people became dependent upon the internet for most of their learning, working and leisure activities.


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