Mid-Range Smartphone Is Your Best Bet for Long-Term, Let’s Talk

Mid-range smartphones are getting packed with more and more features every year that goes by. A mid-range smartphone today would be a flagship three years back. The power of the chipsets and just what the cameras in the mid-range can produce today is excellent. Here’s how I see it, if you are someone who is a rational consumer and wants to purchase a smartphone for long-term (at least or upwards of 3 years) but also wants all the useful features with a decent chipset, you don’t really need a premium or ultra-premium smartphone.

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Don’t get me wrong here; if you are someone who is a tech enthusiast and want a flagship because you want the experience, you should go for a premium or ultra-premium device. But don’t go for a very expensive device just because of the features or power it brings to the table.

Understand the kind of needs you have. A majority of the market can easily survive with a mid-range device in the long run. You get good cameras, at least two years worth of major OS updates and three-year security updates with most of the smartphone brands.

I am not going to name a device, but spending more than 40,000 on a smartphone is not worth it for most. Especially for features such as 5G, or a more powerful chipset, better cameras, don’t spend extra money when all you want to do is browse the internet, make calls, and click basic pictures.

There are pretty great options from all the brands in the mid-range category that can help you with all your basic needs over the long run and also give you a great smartphone experience. The utility of the money that you pay for premium or ultra-premium smartphones is just not there!

What do you think?


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