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Hello Movie Lovers,

I’m Kiran Meegada Founder of Movilti. The pandemic has ravaged the movie industry, as theatres have remained mostly shuttered and during the same time, there was a huge amount of content released on OTT platforms which included high budget films too. OTT viewers were stuck with “What to Watch” and “Where to Watch”?
To get over this problem ” MOVILTI” was launched. Movilti is a Global Review Platform for Movies, Web Series, Short Films, Video Songs and Music Bands. Movilti is a global community of movie fans which lets you rate and review movies, web series, short films, private video songs and music bands. Movilti is the only app where you can find both critic and user reviews at one place. Users can give reviews for their favourite content .The unique and the flagship feature of Movilti is “CLIPS” where the users can give video reviews of their favourite content and can share it with their friends and family and win free movie tickets, exciting prizes every day.

How is Movilti different?
People can explore the actual rating system based on the ratings and reviews of both users as well as critics. The reviews come directly from the users who are just like you and us who love movies and music. The more movies you watch, rate and review, the more accurate it becomes to find content in an easy way. The current user base for Movilti is growing rapidly. We are still in the process of expansion and developing more features, so the user base is purely organic or referred users. Movilti does not encourage paid reviews.

– kiran m



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