in — A social diary application just for India

Introducing – A Social Diary Application for the Indian audience, with Groups at the center in the overall scheme of things, built in India. With the explosion of social media, being in touch with school friends, alumni groups, families, and former coworkers is quite easy these days. However, there is always a concern to share private information and not without valid reasons! At, Privacy finds its place very high up in the design considerations. Hence, the idea of Groups is placed at the center in the overall scheme of things. The Group offerings include 7 meaningful and purposeful ideas. They include Birthdays , Wedding anniversaries, Bytes, Classifieds, Events, Jobs, Polls and.. Know me/us). These features allow us to collaborate and more functionalities are getting added.

The app Has more than just entertainment value! On Entities, both Organizations as well as individuals can own pages here to disseminate information. They can promote their services/wares, share events information, job postings and thus engage with their audience. And grow their entities!

And you as an individual besides being part of Groups also can have your own space to bring together content from Entity pages of your interest. Makes it easy to stay updated!

The best part of the app is.. there are No.. footprint tracking.. targeted advertising.. sharing of Data or integrations with any external applications/agencies as a Policy.

Content audit and trail is well documented. The company is bootstrapped. The app has been tested on most Android phones/Chrome. The company has more ideas in the offing. The makers of invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. This app is free for all except those entities with commercial interests. All you have to do is to Access.. and install a shortcut to this Progressive Web Application – and begin your journey.

– Prabhu Benjamin



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