Mymana — Communications, notes, projects, wikis and documents

A platform designed to set a new standard in how we collaborate and communicate – with friends, colleagues, and clients.

🚀 Instant Messaging- Fun, fast and secure chat.
Message your friends, family, colleagues, clients for free. Keep everyone on the same page by sharing files, photos, videos, tasks, and more via channels or in direct messages.

🚀 File storage & sharing-Document management made easy
Send, store and access PDFs, images, videos, documents, slides, and more at any time. A file uploaded to a chat or task is organized into folders with our file sharing and storage features.
Send files to anyone, even if they don’t have a Mana account.

🚀 Task Management-Collaborate with ease
Work with all types of tasks and content in one place. Share your work with clients, partners, friends and keep track of who’s seen and commented on what.

🚀 Task Cards-A full stack of features
Task boards are fully integrated with your chat, file sharing & storage – no matter how you work with files in chats and tasks, it’s automatically reflected in your file storage

🚀 Communities & channels-Group channels into communities

🚀 Unique features-
#Cross-channel collaboration
Have users from separate channels collaborate on the same task. No need to duplicate tasks, comments, files, etc. between channels.

#Keep track across multiple channels
A bird’s eye view – check on tasks from all public channels within one community task board.
Sort & filter tasks by channel, task leads, status, priority, or due date.

🚀 Search-Don’t waste time toggling between apps
Search across all your conversations, files and tasks within one environment. No need to toggle between email, group chat, file sharing, storage, project management apps etc.

Try now, right now it is free 🤩🤩🤩🤩

– Ankit Sharma



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