Netflix ISP Speed Index for India Same for November as in October 2021

Netflix has released its monthly ISP Speed Index report for November 2021. The figures and data of this report are identical to the report of October 2021. The same names are in the top category and the same in the last. Netflix collects speed data and shares it with users so that they can make the smart choice while choosing an internet service provider (ISP). Choosing an ISP from the top category is usually the right thing to do because it allows users to get the best out of their streaming activities.

Netflix ISP Speed Index for India for November

In the top category with 3.6 Mbps, there were nine ISPs including Jio Giga Fiber, 7 Star Digital, Airtel, Alliance Broadband, Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT), D-VoIS, Excitel Broadband, Hathway, and Tata Sky Broadband.

In the second rank, with 3.4 Mbps were You Broadband, One Broadband, Syscon Infoway, Spectra, and GTPL. The third rank with 3.2 Mbps only had two companies including Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and Tikona. Lastly, in the fourth rank with 2.8 Mbps was Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL).

It is a little odd to see BSNL ranked much lower than a few of the lesser-known names on the list. BSNL is the king of ISPs, having the largest wireline subscriber market share in India. However, the state-run telco is finding it a little hard to expand as aggressively as Jio and Airtel are doing. BSNL doesn’t have the money to incur the necessary capex.

Most of the money that BSNL has will go towards the launch of 4G networks and fast expansion throughout the country. If things remain the same and BSNL doesn’t improve service quality, it won’t be long before the private telecom operators would take over in the wireline services category. BSNL needs to upgrade broadband services to fiber as fast as possible to remain at the top.


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