Netplus Offers Affordable 200 Mbps Plan With IPTV

Netplus, a regional broadband service provider, offers some of the best internet plans in India. One of the unique things that a lot of its broadband plans come with is the IPTV service. Today, we are going to look at one such plan from the company. The 200 Mbps broadband plan offered by the company in the Punjab circle is called “Truly UL 200 Mbps”. The speciality of this plan is that it offers over-the-top (OTT) benefits along with unlimited data. Let’s take a look at everything this plan has to offer to its users.

Netplus 200 Mbps Broadband Plan Details

Netplus 200 Mbps broadband plan offers truly unlimited data to the users as well as truly unlimited voice calling (fixed-line). It costs Rs 999 per month (excluding taxes). The plan offers three OTT benefits which include ZEE5 Premium, Voot Select, and Eros Now. There is also an IPTV service offered to the users with 335+ SD channels.

These plans are also available for long-term validities. If the users purchase the Rs 999 broadband plan for ten months, then they will get two months of service for free. Further, if the users purchase the plan for five months, then users will get a month worth of service for free.

IPTV service means TV content delivered to the users with internet protocols. There are 335 SD+ channels offered to the users with the Netplus 200 Mbps broadband plan.

In comparison, there are 200 Mbps broadband plans that are cheaper offered by the other internet service providers (ISPs). But then there are also 200 Mbps broadband plans offered to the users that literally cost the same but also offer multiple OTT benefits. So there’s a clear distinction between the plans from other internet service providers (ISPs) and the plan offered by Netplus.

Netplus’s plan has a clear uniqueness, and it is that it offers IPTV services to the users. The same is not offered by the likes of Reliance Jio (JioFiber) and Bharti Airtel (Airtel Xstream Fiber). There are many users who will appreciate that there is an IPTV service offered, but then there are many who would want to stick with their current TV operators and instead go for the additional OTT benefits offered by the top private operators in the country, which include Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), Jio, and Airtel. Then there are other ISPs such as Excitel or Connect Broadband, which offer very affordable broadband plans to the users. But they don’t offer IPTV services.


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