NOTEGARDEN for Mobile β€” Now, take notes on your PC and memorize them on your phone

Hi Product HuntπŸ‘‹

NOTEGARDEN( is a tool that uses algorithms for learning based on Spaced Repetition along with a outliner.

The main concept is
1. Take notes in a tree structure.
2. Test immediately without wasting time and effort to create flashcards separately.
3. Review with the optimal learning cycle calculated by the SR algorithm.

The beta version of the mobile application have been released in December 2021 at Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.


Now, take notes on your PC and edit & memorize them on your phone!

You can use functions of PC version on mobile.

1. Edit your notes on your mobile easily!
Now you can upload photos taken with your phone directly to your NOTEGARDEN.

2. Use ‘Learn’ mode to memorize notes while on the move!

3. Check your dashboard at a glance on mobile!

Learn more efficiently in a mobile environment that works immediately with your PC!

We have released a beta version of the mobile application so that you who love NOTEGARDEN can use service more conveniently.

It will be a great help to improve the mobile application if you tell us about any inconveniences or bugs in use😊

Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.


– Sungho Yahng



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