Notion Investment Dashboard — Live stock prices, research terminal & investment analytics.

👋 Hey Product Hunt

Excited to share this one. I work in the finance industry and a clean, easy to use investment dashboard for individual investors is hard to come by!

What’s included in the dashboard:

✔️ Instant and automatic analytics after trade entry
✔️ Guide for live stock prices using Notion2Sheets
✔️ Guide for live market widgets
✔️ Simple and efficient approach to logging trades
✔️ Unrealised and realised profit/loss functions
✔️ Research terminal with templates for researching new equity and crypto trades
✔️ Average entry and exit price functions
✔️ Dividend entries
✔️ Capital gains tax
✔️ Analytics by asset class

👉🏼 Jump over to Gumroad to find a full product description

🎉 Use ‘INVEST’ at checkout to take 25% off!

💬 I’ll be around all day so drop any questions/comments here or send me a dm on Twitter.

🚀 Happy investing!

– Hugh Dawkins



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