OKRs for Startups — A practical guide on OKRs including templates and tutorials

Hey Hunters! 👋

I’m one of the co-founders of Tability, and we have seen hundreds of teams adopting OKRs through our platform. But, only 20% of these teams thought they had a great grasp on the framework, while the vast majority felt that they were still learning.

This is why we decided to write a simple and practical guide to help them adopt OKRs. AND, we wanted to make sure it would be speak to startups and small teams, rather than assume that you’re part of a FAANG or a company with thousands of employees.

So, what’s different about our guide?

– Simple articles that cover most aspects of OKRs (setting, tracking, scoring…)
– 1h30+ worth of videos (but you have to listen to my French accent)
– A library of 20+ templates that are ready to be tracked (using Tability)

Here’s how the guide is structured:

🌱 OKRs principles: learn about the core value of OKRs
🎯 Getting started with OKRs: how to create your first plan
📈 Tracking OKRs: best practices for tracking progress on your goals
🎥 Tutorial: see how things work in practice
📚 Resources: other articles and tools to help

OKRs may not be as exciting as NFTs, but they’re still getting a lot of momentum (congrats to on their acquisition 🎉)—we’re hoping you’ll find this guide helpful!

– Sten



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