On macOS the Python 2.7 should not be used/upgraded. Is this true for the Python 3 as well?

I’m aware that Python 2.7 should not be used or upgraded as macOS comes with Python 2.7 for some pre installed software packages.

My question plainly is: Should the Python 3 version that comes with macOS not be used/upgraded?

For clarification I know Python 3 technically doesn’t come pre installed like 2.7 does. According to this a clean installation of macOS will come with /usr/bin/python3 that is really just a stub for installing the command line developer tools, which includes and will install python3. I did go ahead and install the command line developer tools, therefore had Python 3.8.9 (at least this is what I had on a clean install of Monterey 12.1).

The reason for my question is that I wanted the newest version of Python 3 (3.10.1). So I installed it directly from and used their installer (I did not use Home-brew or anything like that). After doing this ‘python3 -V’ will say ‘Python 3.10.1’. This made me pause and wonder “if 2.7 should not be messed with, should that original Python 3.8.9 that came with installing the command line developer tools also not be messed with?”


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