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👋 Hello ProductHunters!

let’s start at the beginning, August 26, 2020, @sagunsh launched openstartup.DEV on ProductHunt and became the #3 product of the day, he did a really good job of getting metrics regularly from sources like Twitter, IndieHackers, and several websites.

Every week I check MicroAquirre to see if there are any nice startups to acquire that fit within PayRequest.

June 2021 I came to “Directory of Open Startups” and since PayRequest has been an Open Startup since the beginning, and we would like to do more for this movement, we immediately responded and made an offer, after a short negotiation we were able to take over the website from Sagun, this went very smoothly and helpfully.

However, we didn’t find the domain name openstartup.DEV enough, so we registered for €1000! the domain name openstartup.TM for 10 years, and our name changed to Open Startup™.

What’s new:
– We have refreshed the entire website and added new pages
– Every open startup has its own page,
– Interviews from open startup founders
– New logo including banners that open startups post on their social media or website.
– Added even more open startups, and we can’t wait to add yours!
– Removed Ads and Sponsorship options, because who likes ads anyway?

In the future, we hope to add more features, as well as getting MRR automation through integrations with PayRequest, and possibly Stripe and other payment platforms, too.

– Geert Jan Sloos



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