OpenPortfolio — Treat yourself as a product from an HR perspective

A few months ago, I started to mentor a few newbie Product Owner (PO) who are still suffering to find their next challenge, and I kept listening to the same old complaints that I had when I was starting my career.

So, I joined forces with Luciana Pereira, a fantastic HR professional, seasonal and tech-savvy for her realm, to build an open-portfolio template. It is not a no-code experience, however we build in a way that no code-knowledge is required.

Where does everyone go wrong? We chatted with more than twenty HR recruiters to understand their perceptions. A few learnings:
– Portfolios with too many sparkles and BS information;
– Keep simple, tell a short story.
– How can I trust your information? Social proof is the way.
– What are you looking for next?
– How can I sell you to the hiring manager?
– We were getting great information about the person recruiter they are looking for, how to sell, how competitive this market is, etc.

We had two main insights:
– Product Managers don’t treat themselves as a PRODUCT.
– It is your first sell for a recruiter. They are likely not to read your entire portfolio, but they are more likely to read something than the hiring manager.

– Taric Andrade



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