PaintSnap — Photo to painting, generated one brush stroke at a time

Back in 2020 I was playing around with AI algorithms (style transfer) to generate paintings from photos but found that often I wasn’t happy with the results mostly due to the color palette of the generated painting not matching the input, which is not ideal for some photos.

Long story short, I experimented with an algorithm that generates paintings from photos one stroke at a time, and after tweaking the python code for a few months decided to turn it into an iOS app. There’s some randomness put into every paint stroke color/direction/location/size so every painting generated is technically unique, barring special cases of course like the input photo being blank 🙂 The painting creation process is shown as an animation, which you can save as an MP4 video or animated GIF. I came up with another animation type I called “Infinite Loop” (you can change it in Settings). The app is available for both iPhones and iPads. Enjoy!

– Max L



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