Perguidex — Organized task management and daily reviews

I always used to procrastinate on managing everything in one place.
I tried making a process in Spreadsheet but I couldn’t fit everything inside Google docs and spreadsheet and merging both of them isn’t a good idea.

We manage our tasks in applications, but do we manage our wardrobe digitally? or do we manage your circle/connection digitally? Perguidex plan on syncing your life digitally all in one place.

The urge to manage everything in one place made me create the Perguidex for myself but with time I realized people like you can benefit from Perguidex.

Perguidex is still in the beta version and there are still a lot of new features to be released.

Current Features
1. Manage Daily Tasks
2. Daily Review
3. Weekly Tasks
4. Reflect back on All Tasks and Daily Reviews

Short term plans
Priority Tasks and much more

Read more about Perguidex at

Perguidex is built on top of:
Nuxt.js(Vue.js and Vuetify)
GraphQL with Apollo on the Frontend and Lighthouse on the backend

Perguidex is FREE for everyone!!

Wondering about the mobile view? Perguidex is PWA and can be installed easily on devices.

Any ideas, suggestions and improvements are highly appreciated
Muhaddis (Creator)

– Muhammad Muhaddis



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