Pioneer 3.0 — A home for founders on day 0

Hey PH! We’re announcing our biggest update to Pioneer since we first launched.

We’re now giving every new Pioneer the option to receive a $20k investment for 2% of their company. We’re also adding a monthlong trip to Silicon Valley.

If you haven’t heard of Pioneer, here’s the quick gist: we are a startup accelerator born online. Instead of endless Zoom and gloom, Pioneer is kind of like a stock market for pre-seed companies. Anyone can sign up with their product. Then they get a weekly score that fluctuates based on progress. Talk to more users, the score goes up. Write more code, score goes up. Read Reddit, the score goes down. You get the idea. We have all the trimmings of a traditional accelerator too: selected founders become Pioneers who join our network, get mentorship, advice, etc. But that’s all icing on the cake; our desire is to build a web-native startup scene.

We’ve funded 130+ companies from 50+ countries who’ve collectively raised over $100M. The hope is that the refreshed offer will make Pioneer more attractive to even more ambitious outsiders tinkering with new ideas.

You can read more about the change here:….

As always, feedback much appreciated!

– Rishi Narang



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