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Hi Producthunt community.

Planny 6 made it in time for the iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 release.I am very happy that especially the “Teamwork” feature is now available with 6.0. Other participants can be invited to lists. Tasks can then be assigned to people. This feature also works perfectly with the “Plan your day” feature.

Also new is a 2 or 3 column view of lists. The “To Do, Done” button is now gone, instead you can scroll horizontally. On the iPhone this is a great feature, on iPad and Mac you can even display multiple columns at once depending on the screen size. This makes much more effective use of screen space. Also, the so-called “sheets” on the iPad have been replaced by popovers, if it makes sense. The new design language of iOS 15 is reflected in the app, both in the navigation bar and buttons in general. These are now outlined and displayed more prominently depending on their importance.

The new interfaces for focused text fields and keyboard shortcuts have also been implemented, making Planny work even better with the iPad Magic Keyboard or a Mac. Many new functionalities have also been added to the Markdown implementation. On the iPad, there are now the XL widgets. On the Apple Watch, there are also customizations, including support for Always-On Display. The shortcuts have also been revised, supplemented by more and are also available with macOS 12 on the Mac (as soon as it ships)

What is Planny in general?

Planny learned everything important from common to do list apps but combines them with intelligence and gamification. In the morning and during the day Planny intelligently recommends tasks and also reminds you if you tend to forget them. You earn productivity points for adding and completing tasks, and also lose them if you shift tasks or forget them. Planny combines tasks with a calendar for this purpose. Central is also the daily briefing, where the user can add more tasks to his daily schedule. The whole thing is combined with productivity statistics and an activity view to review and evaluate his past productivity.

– Kevin



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