PodBuddy — Make bite-sized social media video clips from your podcast

Hey everyone!

I made PodBuddy to make creating social media content much simpler for podcasters.

Auto-mode is the easiest way to use PodBuddy: just pick your podcast episode, trim the audio clip and PodBuddy will create a post ready to share on social media.

If you’d like to customize your design, the post editor packs a ton of customizations where you can add waveforms (with different styles), progress bars/pies, images, textures, text, and soon, GiFs and stickers.

I priced PodBuddy at a fraction of what other podcast social media tools charge. You can create an unlimited number of watermark-free HD posts for $14.99/year.

It’s also completely private: all processing is done on device and nothing is uploaded to any server.

I’d love to hear any feedback that can help me make PodBuddy even better!

– Rony Fadel



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