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Dear Fellow Makers,

Five years ago I became obsessed with the intention-action-gap. It’s easy to plan to get up early, read all these books, and work out 5 times per week. Actually doing it… is a completely different game.

It led me down a rabbit hole of personal development, behavioral psychology, and ultimately persuasive tech. I was absolutely fascinated: Computers can be designed to very effectively change our behavior — yet the industry uses it to make us keep scrolling, watching, and clicking ads?

This seemed like an incredible opportunity: To make persuasive technology that helps us do our best.

Five years of research, conceptualization, thousands of iterations and one year of prototyping later, I’m super excited to introduce Potential to the world.

Potential is a tool for intentionality and behavior change. We give you the best tools available to align your digital environment with your intentions. Which in turn makes your best choices 1-tap-easy, completely transforming your ability to follow through with what you actually want to do.

You can download Potential from the App Store and Google Play, and use the code PRODUCTHUNT to get in.

We’ll be around all day answering questions, and you can join us on our Discord for hangouts and Q&A at 6pm GMT / 10am PT.


– Welf von Hören



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Tasmania bouncy castle fall: Four children killed and five others injured