Practical Jetpack Compose — Build 12 projects, using a range of Jetpack Compose APIs

Hey everyone 👋

Jetpack Compose is a new UI framework used to build Android Apps. It’s only recently become stable, but is already the future for how we will build applications for the Android Ecosystem.

While there are plenty of great introductory and deep dive guides, I felt there was a gap in the middle – guides for how to build the UIs that many of us developers will be recreating in the apps that we work on. For this reason I decided to create Practical Jetpack Compose, a course to guide you through building 12 commonly found UI patterns found on the Android platform.

The current release of the course is a beta version, featuring guides for building the first 6 projects. If you pick this up, i’d love to hear what you think of it and I look forward to sharing the next 6 projects over the coming months!

p.s a video version of the course will be coming soon!

– Joe Birch



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