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Hi 👋

Yesterday, I saw a cool project by @creative_octopus here on Product Hunt and it gave me the idea for this fun end-of-the-year project. Joseph used GPT-3 to generate product ideas for several serial makers. When I tested Joseph’s approach myself I was surprised by how awesome some of the ideas were.

For example, this is what I got for myself:

– Alternative Data – Data and signals that the rest of the market is missing. Our newsletter and podcast covers topics such as: predictive analytics, NLP, chatbot analytics, retail, cryptocurrency, ecommerce, and other opportunities.
– Exits – Signals for identifying when a startup is about to be acquired or go public. Database of acquisitions and IPOs going back to 1955, as well as a daily email covering recent acquisitions and IPOs.
– Bet on Esports – Our newsletter will help you stay on top of the trends in esports, game dev, and digital entertainment. We dig into the numbers, track the trends, and recommend specific action items for you to consider.

These are genuinly interesting ideas and perfectly match my product portfolio.

So naturally I thought: I bet others would be interested in getting these kind of ideas for themselves and this is how the project you’re looking at right now was born.

All feedback is appreciated!


– Jakob Greenfeld



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