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Co-founder of Promyze
Hey Product Hunt! 👋

In all companies, developers need to align their coding practices to produce sustainable source code, limit bug risks and avoid high maintenance costs.

Promyze is a collaborative platform to gather and share the best coding practices in a company, within a team, and across teams. Thanks to Promyze, developers can :

🔍 Identify best practices from the source code of their project
💬 Organize workshops to discuss with other developers about their practices, take decisions, explain concepts and transfer knowledge
⭐ Get real-time automatic suggestions of best practices while they’re coding or during their code reviews
📣 Share catalogs of best practices with other teams in the company, or within a community of practices
✍🏾 Document each practice with contextual examples and counter-examples

Promyze is integrated with :
* IDEs (JetBrains suite, VSCode, Visual Studio)
* Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera) to be used during your code reviews on Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and Azure

Available SaaS and On-Premise, works for any programming language 🧑🏾‍💻👩🏼‍💻

Special community offer: We are providing a 50% discount with code “PRODUCTHUNT21” for your first three months.

Happy hunting,
The Promyze team

– Cédric Teyton



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