Python : ValueError: could not convert string to float: ‘1,086’

I’ve been learning how to make a prediction model by looking at this step-by-step tutorial website:

The data I was using are the Covid-19 cases in Peru from last Jan to this Sep, and with this data, I want to predict death cases from this Oct to Dec.
However, the “New Cases” data type can not be converted to float. So, I added this:

df = df.replace(r'^s*$', np.nan, regex=True)
But it did not work too… What should I do?

df = df[['Date', 'New Cases']]

df = df.replace(r'^s*$', np.nan, regex=True)
df = df.astype({"New Cases": float})
df["Date"] = pd.to_datetime(df.Date, format="%Y/%m/%d")
df.index = df['Date']
plt.plot(df["New Cases"],label="2020/1/1~2021/9/30 New Cases")`


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