RadiTube Browser Extension — View the metadata and transcripts of removed YouTube videos

Hi Product Hunt,

This extension is mainly intended for journalists, researchers, and future historians, but I thought this might be interesting for some of you as well.

Right now, historians can go to an archive and find back historical records that are hundreds of years old. Yet, when YouTube removes a video that had a massive impact on parts of our society just a week, there isn’t a single trace left.

We tried to fix that by saving the metadata (titles, descriptions, transcripts, channel name, etc.) before YouTube removes those videos and store them on Arweave.

Right now, we indexed over 80.000 removed videos, and we are rapidly expanding that.

Some of the metadata we indexed include the anti-vaccine channels that YouTube removed a couple of days ago (Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Mercola) and many of the QAnon channels that we’re removed.

Some sample links to try this extension on:

Happy to answer any questions.

– Erik Van Zummeren



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