Rate my first CSS drawing

I have been hacking with CSS for a long period but I never made any CSS drawing or CSS art. I think it’s time for another CSS hacker to join the club!

I took one of my favorite anime character and I tried to do something in one day to see my level before spending more time.

I came up with this

It will not work on Safari, scroll down to the embed tweet to see a screenshot

Not that perfect but quite good for a 6h work. I would have done better if I considered an easier illustration but I took a complex one as a reference 😳 👇

Few notes:

  • It’s responsive.
  • I used a lot of clip-path. A good technique for responsive but a pain to handle.
  • I tried to keep a reduced HTML code
  • I used an SVG filter to smooth up a few edges (related post: I am not proud of this one but I wanted a fast solution to end my drawing before midnight. Next time it will be a CSS-only solution.

I tweeted about it yesterday in case you want to retweet it or draw the attention of a CSS artist 🧐

Let me know what do you think 👇👇

✔️ This is amazing, we want more like this!
❌ Don’t do this anymore 🤮 we want more tutorials and funny collections but no more drawing please!

PS: If you will choose the ❌, I will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life 👹


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