Reliance Jio Silently Introduces Rs 1 Prepaid Plan

Very silently, Reliance Jio has introduced a Rs 1 prepaid plan. The plan is visible on the mobile app of the telco but not the website. Under the Value section, you can find ‘Other Plans’ where this Rs 1 prepaid pack is listed. This Rs 1 prepaid plan from the telco offers 100MB of data to the users for 30 days. So basically, recharging ten times with this voucher would result in spending of Rs 10, but that will also give you 1GB of data for 30 days (100MB x 10 = 1GB). This is more affordable than the 1GB 4G data voucher that Jio is offering for Rs 15 after the tariff hikes. After consuming the 100MB of data, the speed for the user will drop to 64 Kbps.

Reliance Jio Becomes the First Operator to Offer a Rs 1 Prepaid Plan


The Rs 1 prepaid plan from the telco is the cheapest prepaid offering by any telco in the county right now. This is great for people in the low-income class who don’t want to purchase more data than required.

The 100MB data offered to the customers will also be there for up to 30 days. So in case someone only needs 400MB of data, they can recharge with this plan for 4 times. It is way better than purchasing 4G data vouchers when lump-sum data is not required.

None of the other private operators is offering such a convenience to their users. There’s no saying though how many users can recharge with this plan right now. The company hasn’t announced anything about this plan yet. This seems to be a new offering as earlier, under the ‘Value’ category, Jio offered ‘Affordable Packs’, which included the Rs 155, Rs 395, and Rs 1559 plan.

However, users can alternatively pay Rs 15 once and get 1GB of data in one go instead of recharging ten times which can be sort of an inconvenience if the user needs to do it every day.


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